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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gmail Receives a Facelift

Google has started to roll out a new inbox layout that uses a set of five tabs to sort user emails. While some Gmail users around the world find the new layout difficult, I couldn’t be happier with it.

I am notorious for receiving a large quantity of emails everyday. From business correspondences, personal emails, newsletters and coupons, it is easy for my inbox to become cluttered very quickly making it hard to find messages when I need them. With the new tabs, this is no longer an issue. The box learns your preferences about the types of emails you receive and sorts them into five categories:

Primary: Messages from family and friends plus messages that don’t appear in other tabs

Social: Messages from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as online gaming and online dating sites

Promotions: Deals, offers and newsletters

Updates: Notifications like receipts, bills and statements

Forums: Messages from online groups and discussion forums

The best part of the update? It also translates into Google Mail apps, so you can view your inbox the same way regardless of which device you are using.

Do you like Google’s facelift?

By Taylor Rookaird, intern, ghost communications

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