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Friday, January 17, 2014

Move Over Google Glass, Smart Contacts Are On The Horizon

Yesterday morning Google announced a new project they will be working on aptly named the ‘Smart Contact Lens Project.’ This lens will be designed specifically to make the lives of people with Diabetes easier by measuring the glucose levels of tears. They are still in the early stages of testing and deliberating the best ways to test glucose levels and alert those whose levels go above or below certain thresholds.

The idea of smart contact lenses was not invented by Google. The eyewear startup Innovega had announced a prototype of their high-tech iOptik lenses about a year ago and this year they were able to show off their new product at International CES in Las Vegas. Their system includes both contact lenses that enhance the eye’s ability of focus as well as glasses that display apps and media, similar to what Google Glass allows users to experience.

How amazing is it that we are living in this time of technological advances we only thought possible in science fiction novels? The trend of wearable gadgets is starting to develop into the trend of gadgets that may soon become part of us… Should we celebrate or protest?

Devan Grimsrud, intern

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