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Monday, December 16, 2013

Top 10 Advertisements Of 2013

In 2013, there were a ton of creative, heartwarming and hilarious advertisements that were shared millions of times between friends, family and co-workers. Our top 10 advertisements of the year have a combined number of shares over 17 million (according to

Here are our favorite advertisements of 2013:
1. Dove ‘Real Beauty Sketches’
2. TrueMove ‘Giving’
3. Poopurri ‘Girls Don’t Poop’
4. Kmart ‘Ship My Pants’
5. Ram Trucks ‘Farmer’
6. Hump Day
7. Cornetto ‘Yalin’
8. Kmart ‘Know Your Joe’
9. Evian ‘Baby & Me’
10. H&M ‘David Beckham’

Coming in first place for 2013 is an advertisement by Dove for their Campaign for Real Beauty. It shows the difference between how women see themselves, and how others see them. This advertisement alone was shared over four million times and was ranked as the top viral ad of the year by Adweek. The unique presentation and empowering message is why we think it’s the best ad of 2013.

A commercial from a Thai telecommunications company called ‘Giving’ takes the number two spot on our list. It is absolutely heartwarming and shows the true meaning of helping others. This commercial is not inhibited by cultural differences or language. Anyone anywhere could watch the original commercial and get the intended message, which is what made it our second choice.

Finally, our third pick is a commercial for a ‘before-you-go’ toilet spray called PooPurri. The ad is called ‘Girls Don’t Poop’ and features a sophisticated looking woman sitting on a toilet and acting less than lady-like. It’s a little sarcastic and ridiculous, but laughs do ensue; trust us.

If you haven’t already seen these ads, you should check them out. After all, they didn’t get all those views for nothing!

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