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Monday, September 23, 2013

Trend Alert: Gadgets you can wear!

Starting with the launch of Google Glass last year, there have been more and more tech brands jumping on the wearable technology bandwagon. The new trend surrounding cool gadgets and technologies that you can wear is not something we see going away anytime soon.

Here are the facts about some of the coolest new wearable gadgets:

On-Watch – This new baby monitoring system is very cute and includes unique features such as live audio and video, temperature monitoring and alerts when sudden movements are made. Not to mention the awesome giraffe with a built-in camera that keeps a watch on the baby. The giraffe’s interface is USB compatible and can connect with a desktop or wristwatch for on-the-go monitoring.

Google Glass – Glass-less frames that allow you to be hands free while doing everyday tasks like taking pictures, recording performances and following GPS directions. While wearing the glasses, you can say, “take a picture” and the glasses will. They even allow you to share what you see live, send messages and translate your own voice. These frames have yet to take on the mainstream marketplace, but we’re sure that the buzz surrounding Google Glass will lead to long lines when released.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.37.46 PM

I’m Watch – This ‘smartwatch’ is the latest wrist technology that can make calls, receive text messages and e-mails, as well as access smartphone apps via Bluetooth. The sleek watch is made in Italy and has many different color and jeweled options. It has all the features of a smartphone and other cool features like heart rate tracking, a music system and a built in calendar that syncs with your smartphone.

LUMOback – Teaching an old dog new tricks is hard, but LUMOback is trying to do just that. Their new product, designed to improve posture, is essentially a waist strap that vibrates slightly when you slouch, lean forwards or backwards or shift your weight to one side. The strap connects with an iPhone app that has your very own avatar that lets you visualize and track your posture, sit time, total steps and sleep time.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.39.24 PM

Jawbone UP – The Jawbone UP system includes a band and an app that help you monitor your movements, even while you sleep, and displays your data allowing you to add things like your mood and meals. This system even has an alarm for when you have been idle too long, a 10-day battery, and is water-resistant (You can get waterproofed versions of both the Jawbone Up and Nike+ Fuelband at

Nike’s Fuelband – And of course the Nike+ Fuelband has been popular for a couple years. It tracks your everyday activities and measures calories burned, steps taken and more. You can set daily goals and connect with your friends to make staying in shape more fun and social.

With all the wearable technology emerging, soon we may be dressed head to toe in smart technology. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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