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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Twitter adds “Related Headlines” feature

Ever feel like you’ve missed something? In an instant everyone you follow on Twitter is talking about the same thing, at the same time and you have no idea what it is or why?

Twitter is putting an end to that. On Monday, the company announced it has fully integrated its “Related Headlines” feature, providing links to stories related to the headline in the original tweet.

This means you can catch up fast by clicking on the tweet’s permalink page. The page will reveal websites that have embedded the Tweet, adding context around posts that might otherwise be difficult to understand.

One of the very first times this function was tested, was when NBA star Jason Collins publicly came out as gay.


If you had just seen this tweet alone, you would be confused. The “related headlines” functions appears at the bottom of the page. Because the ESPN, FOX Sports and Mashable used this tweet in their stories, the link appears below the tweet.

The feature, which has been tested since July was created in hopes of improving usability during live events such as award shows or sporting events when usage spikes considerably.

For now, the related headlines function will only appear below posts that have been embedded on other websites. No word on when the Average Joe can also embed with the function.

By Taylor Rookaird, ghost communications intern

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