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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What does your Twitter Bio say about you?

Much of today’s advertising and public relations is turning to rising world of social media, and arguably, Twitter is the growing giant in this field. Besides only having 140 characters to tweet with, users are only allowed 160 to use in their bio space. With the limited character count, you need to have an effective way to tell other tweeters and the world about who you are.

Fast Company recently published an article following the creation of Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account on how to get the most out of your bio area. Fast Company’s advice?

– Link your account to other accounts you are associated with professionally.

– Don’t use a quote and don’t leave it blank.

– Avoid the word “ninja” in any form.

Here’s some more advice from the ghost staff:

– Use a recent picture of yourself – No Egg Heads!

– Mix business with pleasure. Don’t be afraid to write about what you enjoy outside of work. If you love running, hockey or cooking, talk about it!

– Use more keywords, less hashtags.

Looking for more ways to spice up your Bio? This Twitter Bio Generator provides some randomly selected words that could help describe you. Choose wisely, and happy tweeting!

Taylor Rookaird, ghost intern

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